Powering Africa

MP Energy "MPE" (previously Melec PowerGen Inc) is a Developper, Builder, Owner and Operator of power plants in Sub-Saharan Africa.

MP Energy, through MPG, has demonstrated a recognized know-how, its commitment, and ability to adapt to the context and realities of Africa through a successful track-record in taking projects from concept to reality. MP Energy has successfully developed 5 Thermal IPP Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa (Kounoune 67.5 MW, Tobene 96 MW and Tobene Expansion to 115 MW, and Malicounda Power 135 MW in Senegal and Thika 87 MW in Kenya) and has earned a reputation of ‘getting things done’ in Africa.

In April 2019, MPG entered into a Sale and Purchase Agreement for the sale of all of some of its assets in Senegal, namely Tobene Power which has already been transferred, Kounoune which is expected to be transferred in the coming months and Malicounda Power which is expected to be transferred at COD+1 year.

In May 2021, MPG entered into a Sale and Purchase Agreement for the sale of the Thika Power plant which was successfully transferred in March 2022.

The MP Energy team collectively brings 80+ years of relevant experience in the energy sector and more than 15 years of experience in Africa and can carry out who the complete scope of project development including sourcing, early development, financing, construction management including full operation and maintenance.
  • Beirut, Beyrouth, Lebanon

Randa Kraytem MP Energy - Melec PowerGen